Flat Roof

Flat Roof

RipCart cutting through 4 layers of roofing, two coal tar pitch, two rolled roofing.

  • Built-up Roof Tear Off

    The RipCart cuts through tar and gravel roofs with ease. It is great for those small jobs that do not warrant the use of a crane. There is no need to struggle with a cumbersome axe or setup and maneuver an oversized roof cutter. If you have tried to cut built up roofing with a circular saw in the past you’re already familiar with the problems inherent in the process. The saw will clog or break and the blade will be ruined. So how will your experience with the RipCart be any different? Let us explain.

    1. You can remove the guard from your saw, which will prevent the blade from clogging. The RipCart is designed with a built in guard for the blade. Our guard decreases friction and allows the saw to max out it’s rpms. (make sure to re-install the guard if the saw is removed from the RipCart).

    2. The RipCart’s frame suspends the saw above the cutting surface. This strategic positioning removes friction from the saw and places it on the blade. As you know, normal 7 1/4″ blades will not last very long under these conditions.

    3. SmartmanTools have designed 3x and 5x Ripblades to cut through tar, gravel, and built-up roofing. They last five times longer than any blade on the market, do not clog, and increase the life span of your saw.

  • Cutting Modified Roofing for Tear-off

    Modified Roof Tear Off

    The RipCart is perfect for cutting up modified roofing. Just set the depth of the blade and walk the RipCart in rows or a grid shaped pattern. You will be able to tear off and dispose of the entire roof with less hassle than ever before. There is no need to bend over or waste your time.