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BigBlue™ Demolition Blade FAQ

What is the difference between the 3T and 5T?

BigBlue™ 3T is great for roofing demolition. It is better for cutting the thickest materials that tend to gum up. It will cut tar and gravel, multi-layer shingles & nails, cap sheet, ice shield, galvanized metal, and much more!

BigBlue™ 5T is great for general demolition. It is better for cutting a combination of materials. It will cut through multi-layer shingles and nails with wood roof deck, plaster and lath, wire mesh, many flooring materials, cap sheet, ice shield, decking (to create larger gaps between boards), galvanized metal and much more!

Does BigBlue™ Demolition Blade clog?

Absolutely not! BigBlue™ Demolition Blade is designed with oversized gulluts that eliminate clogging and keep the blade cool and spinning at maximum revolutions.

Does BigBlue™ Demolition Blade fit into a worm drive/worm gear saw?

Yes! BigBlue™ Demolition Blade comes with a diamond armature twist for use in worm drive saws.

Can BigBlue™ Demolition Blade be sharpened?

Absolutely! Thanks to the large carbide teeth BigBlue™ Demolition Blade can be sharpened two or three times per blade.

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