RacJack™ Steep Roof Safety System

Steep Roofs Now Safer

Install RacJack™ and leave it up until the job is complete!

Residential Roof Safety Simplified

RacJack™ is an Osha compliant residential roof safety system that eliminates the need for scaffolding and ladder jacks and stays up for the entire job.

No Hassle

Install the RacJack™ when you begin your job. Unlike other rail systems it won’t get in your way. In fact it’s the only system on the market that provides a safe platform from which to work. Attach it using the unique dual-jack/slide connector mechanism. Alternate between high and low jacks to ensure the system stays attached without impeding your progress. You can do everything from the platform.

No Ladder Jacks, Picks or Scaffolding

Begin the tear off and installation process from a convenient walkway along the perimeter of the roof. Install drip edge, ice shield, and starter rows from this position. No more maneuvering your pick over ladder jacks or storing and installing materials below the roof’s edge. Stay out of the landscaping, just install the RacJack and leave it up for the entire job.

No Worries

Our safety rail system is the only one on the market that stays out of your way, doesn’t have to be taken down until the job is complete, and adjusts to match the pitch of the roof. Also, in case you were wondering, it’s OSHA compliant.

RacJack Slide Connector

Slide Connectors

Connect the RacJack any where along the elevated rail.

Removable Roof Jacks

Removable jacks move out of your way so you can keep working. Designed to support the RacJack they are installed and removed with ease. Nail them into trusses like a normal jack andattach using slide connectors.

Removable Roof Jack
RacJack Elevated Rail

Elevated Rail

High clearance rails leave enough room to install drip edge, ice shield and starter rows from shingles.

Safety Posts

Fasten the safety posts that adjust to pitch of the roof and be OSHA compliant.

RacJack Safety Post

Safety Lock

Be sure the RacJack will stay in place.

Facia Pads

Rubber safety pads protect the facia and gutters and overlap gutter spikes.

Facia Pads
Jack Connector

Jack Connector

Easily add roof jacks and planks to the top of the rail without nailing in another roof jack.

Pitch Adjustment

Adjust the RacJack to any pitch between 6/12 and 12/12.

RacJack Pitch Adjustment


Add a RacJack Outrigger and wrap a safetey walkway through valleys and around hips.


  • What is the RacJack™?

    It is a roof jack that eliminates the need for ladder jacks and scaffolding. It is a roof jack that has its own material storage built in, which does not impede your work area. It is a roof jack that does not need to be taken down and set back up if you are tearing off a roof. It is a roof jack system that includes removable safety post and rails that adjust to the pitch of the roof, as does the supporting plank structure.

  • How does RacJack™ eliminate ladder jacks and scaffolding?

    The RacJack™ is supported above and below the work area, so the plank you work off and its support system, does not impede your work area like traditional roof jacks.

  • What is the RacJack™ made of?

    Steel, with a protective coating that is used to undercoat cars for rust protection.

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RacJack™ Steep Roof Safety System

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