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RacJack™ Steep Roof Safety System FAQ

What is the RacJack™?

It is a roof jack that eliminates the need for ladder jacks and scaffolding. It is a roof jack that has its own material storage built in, which does not impede your work area. It is a roof jack that does not need to be taken down and set back up if you are tearing off a roof. It is a roof jack system that includes removable safety post and rails that adjust to the pitch of the roof, as does the supporting plank structure.

How does RacJack™ eliminate ladder jacks and scaffolding?

The RacJack™ is supported above and below the work area, so the plank you work off and its support system, does not impede your work area like traditional roof jacks.

What is the RacJack™ made of?

Steel, with a protective coating that is used to undercoat cars for rust protection.

What are the RacJacks™ main components?

The RacJack™ is made up of steel rails that project above the roof and are supported by roof jacks above the work area and facia supports below the work area. Another main component of the RacJack™ are slide connectors that move along the rail. The slide connectors can stop at any position and connect or disconnect to their roof jacks incrementally. Each rail has two slide connectors and roof jacks that can be used alternately to support the structure while the alternate position can be worked on.

Are the roof Jacks that are attached to the RacJack™ nailed like traditional roof jacks?

Yes, nail them in just like you would nail in any other roof jack.

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