Ken Collister
How-to Guides

RipCart Set Up

Learn how to put RipCart to work for you. Learn how to open RipCart, close RipCart, install a circular saw, change the blade, and change the blade depth.

Note: Keep arms, fingers, and cords away from hinges.

How to open RipCart™

  1. Raise top handle – Simultaneously depress two buttons (at front of RipCart™) and raise the top handle.
  2. Release bottom handle lock – Squeeze the frame plate (thumb) and release button (index finger) together.
  3. Raise handle into position – Raise handle until both the top and bottom of the handle lock.
  4. Adjust handle angle – Release the bottom handle lock (similar to Step 2) and adjust the handle as needed.

How to close RipCart™

  1. Unplug extension cord.
  2. Close the power switch cover.
  3. Release top handle lock by pressing 2 buttons (middle of the handle) simultaneously and lower the top handle.
  4. Release bottom handle lock by squeezing frame plate (thumb) and release button (index finger) together.
  5. Lower the handle until the bottom locks into position.
  6. If necessary, move depth guide handle out of the way and lower top handle down until it locks into position.

How to attach circular saw to RipCart™

  1. Raise base plate to the highest level.
  2. Place saw into base plate.
  3. Slide saw lock tight against the saw table and tighten wing nuts.
  4. Tighten thumb screw to keep saw flush to base plate.
  5. Connect the ratchet strap and tighten.
  6. Wrap excess cord around the cord management system (at back of RipCart™) and plug saw cord into the RipCart™ switch plug.
  7. Wrap the velcro strap around the saw trigger.

How to change saw blade on RipCart™

Warning: Be sure saw blade has cooled.

  1. Unplug extension cord from the RipCart™ plug.
  2. Raise base plate to the highest level.
  3. Place RipCart™ on side behind a fixed object.
  4. Replace saw blade.

How to change saw blade depth on RipCart™

RipCart™ controls the depth of the saw blade using 2 features.

Depth Guide (for large adjustments in depth)

  1. Release the depth guide lock by squeezing the depth guide handle.
  2. Move the handle forward (toward the front of the RipCart™) to lower the saw blade depth or backward (toward the back to raise) to raise the saw blade depth.
  3. When the saw blade is at the desired depth release the depth guide handle to lock it into position.

Fine adjustment (for minor adjustments in depth)

  1. Release the fine adjustment brass lock nut.
  2. Rotate the fine adjustment to the desired depth.
  3. Tighten the brass lock nut to lock the fine adjustment into place.

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