BigBlue 5T Heavy-Duty Demolition Blade
BigBlue Demo Blade in Makita Circular Saw
BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
BigBlue Demolition Blade cutting through two layers of shingles and nails
BigBlue 5T Heavy-Duty Demolition Blade

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade

A heavy-duty demo saw blade built to cut harsh materials including shingles with nails and wood, metal wire mesh, lath and plaster, and more!

  • 5x Longer life over other framing/demolition blades when cutting harsh materials.
  • Clog free, warp free, and crack free.
  • Everlasting carbide teeth with wide kerf.

7-1/4 in. for circular saws and worm drive saws


BigBlue™ 5T easily cuts through the toughest construction materials.
  • Shingles, Heavy Nails, and Roof Deck
  • Ice Shield
  • Cap Sheet
  • Modified Roofing
  • Drip Edge
  • Flashing
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Pitch
  • Galvanized Metal
  • Cap Sheet
  • Modified Roofing
  • TPO and EPDM
  • Flashing
  • Lath and Plaster
  • Wood with Nails
  • Patio Decking
  • Metal Wire Mesh
  • Linoleum
  • Tar and Gravel
  • Synthetic Decking
  • And Much More!
Save time on the toughest jobs and projects.
  • Demolition of roof decking, shingles, and heavy nails (2+ layers).
  • Cut shingle roofs into sections for easier removal (2+ layers).
  • Cut ridge vent and roof vent openings.
  • Cut openings for air conditioning units and skylights.
  • Use for roof repairs and maintenance.
  • Remove lath and plaster walls and ceilings.
  • Widen synthetic deck joints for expansion and contraction.
  • Cut 5,000+ ft. of shingles and heavy nails (2 layers).
  • Cut 1,000+ ft. of shingles, nails and plywood.
  • Cut 300+ ft. of tar and gravel.
  • Close up of large carbide teeth
    Extreme Strength for Demolition Cuts

    Massive carbide teeth cut through tough materials without chipping or dulling. The extra thick steel body will not warp or crack.

  • wide-kerf-blade
    Extra-wide Kerf Circular Saw Blade

    At just under 1/4 inch, BigBlue™ has the widest kerf available on a 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade.

  • large-gulluts
    No-Clog Design

    Gullets this large never clog... ever. Open space reduces friction and keeps the blade spinning fast. This empowers circular saws and worm drive saws to cut tough construction materials not possible with other blades.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - 100%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand skepticism. We have been burned by products that don't live up to their claims too. That is why BigBlue™ 5T comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 in

13/16 in., 5/8 in.


Circular Saw, Worm Drive Saw

Cutting Depth:

2-1/4 in.


7-1/4 in.


3/16 in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Extreme Demolition

The only blade that would work on a 1-¹/² 2 layer nail embedded subfloor demo job Diablo Demo Demon blades lasted 5' of and were spent, Lenox lasted 15' . I thought that's not good these blades suck I need a serious Demo blade, searched online found the Big Blue order 4, cut for an hour ordered 4 more! Must have a worm drive!

Saw blade

I did roofing all my life and we would have to cut though the peeked and we went through saw blades by the hundreds I bought this blade and I cut though 2 layers of shingles and the plywood it took me about 5 minutes to cut though it all very happy it’s a 10 star

works as advertised.

U.S.P.S held for days and a tracking was done. Smartman tools stood behind and fulfilled making sure I received what I ordered. Excellent business to deal with.

Worked as advertised.

I wish I would have had these years ago. I bought four blades and only used one on the job. Demo’d a complete roof and the blade is still perfectly usable. I bought a hypoid saw (the Makita) to power it – glad I did, I don’t think a standard circ saw has enough snot to power thru.

Anyway – great blade. Absolutely worked as advertised.

Purchased 3T and 5T demolition blades

Delivery went wrong with postal service, company Smartman tools was nice to send the order again right away. Good Customer care. Blades look like they will do the job they are supposed to.

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