BigBlue Starter Pack
BigBlue 5T Heavy-Duty Demolition Blade
BigBlue 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
BigBlue Starter Pack

BigBlue™ Starter Pack

Bundle BigBlue™ 5T together with BigBlue™ 3T, be ready for harsh and gummy materials on the toughest jobs and projects, and save 5%!

Starter Pack Includes:
(2) BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
(2) BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade


BigBlue™ 5T is for heavy-duty demolition on the toughest jobs and projects. Cut harsh materials like shingles with wood and heavy nails, tar and gravel, lath and plaster, and more!

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BigBlue™ 3T is for roofing demolition with dense and gummy materials. Cut gummy materials like Tar and Gravel, Modified Roofing, Coal Tar Pitch, and more!

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 2 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Quick and easy

Great saw blade for demolition. Worked great cutting thru 2 layers of shingles and plywood.

Tar roof demo

Unbelievable tool cut right through 30yr old tar, like a knife through butter. Really impressed.

Second floor / roof demo.

We used both the 3 and 5 tooth blades. Both were very aggressive and cut thru any materials, even nails. Both blades are as good as new.

Hard to Rate

Delivery took so long that by the time I got my big blue starter pack the project I needed them for was already complete, so they’re sitting on a shelf waiting for a time when I can use them.

Jeremy, we apologize that you did not receive your package when promised. We have refunded the cost of shipping on your order. You should see the refund on the same card you used to make the order within 5-10 business days. This was caused by a problem with the shipping options provided on our website. We have since fixed the problem. Our website now displays accurate shipping times for shipping to Canada.
We're gonna need a bigger saw

Used on a new Makita 5007 saw (5800 rpm) with a cutting depth of 2.5" at 0 degrees - your standard home DIY saw - to cut through several inches of wood flooring. Did not find the going easy at all. Resorted to lowering the cutting depth to 1" and going over the same cut several times, raising the depth each time. Maybe it will do better on the roof, but my thought is that I would need a more powerful saw to do it any other way unless I want to burn this saw out.

I am sorry to hear that you did not have a better experience with BigBlue blades. We will send you a free blade with different carbide teeth that should work much better when cutting wood flooring.