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Try our extreme demolition blade or our one-of-a-kind cutting tool.

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade cuts materials other demolition blades won’t even attempt to cut and continue cutting long after other blades wear out.

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RipCart™ Demolition Tool

RipCart™ is a demolition tool that allows you to make long cuts without hunching or crawling. Users set the blade depth, walk behind the cart, and easily control the circular saw.

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Ninja is now BigBlue™ Demolition Blade!

Ken Collister on October 30, 2014

Earlier this year we transitioned RipBlade to Ninja Demolition Blade. A few months later we realized there may be some issues with the trademark for Ninja Demolition Blade. We wanted to stay clear of…


RipBlade is now Ninja Demolition Blade!

Ken Collister on May 19, 2014

When we first set out to design a circular saw blade to improve RipCart’s cutting performance we wanted to select a name that tied it closely to the RipCart. RipBlade was the logical choice. The name made sense for…


RipCart & RacJack featured in Season 10 of Cool Tools

Ken Collister on June 17, 2013

RipCart and RacJack were featured yesterday in two separate episodes of the tenth season of Cool Tools on the DIY Network. We had to wait more than a year after filming to…