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BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
T Jay (Chatham, MI)
Roof Wrecker

I'm tearing off the whole roof and this blade is one angry beast. Rips through plywood and shingles and never misses a beat. No clogging. No stalling. Rip down hill between the rafters and shingle tabs to avoid nails and cut as fast as you want. Tears through the aluminum drip edge to finish the cut. This tool is an absolute must for this kind of job. I always say that there is a right tool for every job and this is the tool for roof demolition.

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Michael Loxahatche (West Palm Beach, FL)

The blade worked like a charm. I recommend having two individual electric saws. I tried with my Rigid 8 amp battery and could not get more than 8 feet before my battery quit. My saw was Brushless so not sure if that lead to the problem. After switching to the electric, Black and Decker man it was smooth sailing from their. Or maybe not so, I wanted smaller sections but my friend on the asphalt shingle roof, in 90 plus temp and Florida humidity wow, he wanted nothing more but to get r done. So each section ended up being about 2.5 to 3.5 wide by 8 feet long. WE for about 32 sections. The cutting was really the least time consuming. I went thru all four bladed that I purchased. Roof was 3/4 inch plywood, architectural shingles, paper and nailed down with tabs.

If not for the heat here in South Florida, we could have cut smaller sections and not gone as hard on the saw. That's why I recommend having two saws. When one gets hot, you can swap over. I would post a photo of the job but my phone fell off my car and got run over by another vehicle. Waiting on ne w phone, then off on vacation. So, when return I will try to update the pics of the finished work.

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Aaron Lescault (North Grosvenor Dale, CT)
These things rip

Cuts like butter threw 2 layers of asphalt shingles, 1/2 plywood and 3/4 inch barn board. Lasted the whole day. I needed up buying a 4 pack after I bought the 1 as a trial blade.

BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
Trace O'Brien (Sylvania, OH)
Amazing Blade

Bought the 3 tooth blade. It was amazing Ripped through 3” of tar like it was butter

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
André (Seattle, WA)
As advertised but hard on the saw

It does what it says and rips through whatever is in front of it. Using a mag77 saw and trying to cut through roofing and sheeting like I would with a thin kerf blade smoked the brushes on my saw in less than 10 minutes. Chalking this up to user error but you have to go slower than you might think with the huge teeth.


I had a flat roof with bitumen build up and a base layer and the blades tore through it, including nails and drip edge. Without these blades we would have had to have purchased or rented a roof cutter. Instead, this blade with a powerful circular saw ate the roof in record time. Having the blade on a circular saw allowed us to get a precise depth also to avoid the decking below. The blades are beasts and we did over 250 linear feet with the blade and it is still cutting.

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Carl Denney (Livingston, TX)
Cut up 10 x 20 roof 2 layers of shingle and plywood.

Work exactly as advertised!

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
john rogne (Tulsa, OK)
cutting through 3 inches of tar no problem

cut through a 1750 square foot flat roof in 2 foot sections with 3 inches of tar no gravel including wood 3/4 inch and 3 inches of tar in 2 foot by 2 foot sections blade never gummed up with design went right through it will use this blade on every project from here on out blade is awesome

Worth the money

We used these to remove 3/4 decking with snow and ice and a 50 year shingle over that.
Blades performed awesome highly recommend.
The key is to take your time 😎

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Mike Lee (Tampa, FL)

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Michael Martin (San Bernardino, CA)
First time user

So far so good. Been using blade to demo existing asphalt based roofing on a school project. Cuts thru many layers. Would recommend to others.

BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
Fastenal - Bothell, WA branch (Tacoma, WA)

I am not the end user, since I am a reseller, but I can comment on the purchase process. First off, the shipping package was a mess when it got here. It looked like someone was shipping out of their basement, using a letter envelope rather than an actual box. The product was also mis shipped. We ordered 6 of the 3-tooth blades and received 3 of the threes and 3 of the four tooth. Cost and performance are the same, but for this to happen without notice from the shipper caused confusion. These things gave the overall impression of a lack of professionalism. If I get feedback from my customer in field about performance of the blade, I will edit with that information.

I apologize for the error in shipping. We will send you (4) BigBlue 3T to complete the order correctly.

It makes sense that as a reseller you would want individually packaged blades. You can get that if you become a reseller. Here is more info -

BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
Damon Cottman (Philadelphia, PA)
I was very pleased.

The blade that I purchased worked great! It cut threw about 7 layers of roofing material and the plywood with no problem. Awesome product.

Huston (Macomb, IL)
Good concept

Worked great until the switch burned up. Had a random parts fall off during use but made repairs with local hardware parts. Overall though it made the job of tearing up flooring way easier

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Joshua Fields (Charleston, SC)
5T demo blade

Seriously good demo blade, cut through multiple layer of shingles, plywood, nails! Also, the thickness of the blade makes an extra wide kerf, so material doesn’t bind up when you want it to fall!!

Cut well for a few passes. Then struggled to cut quickly. It did last for a whole roof. But we used old saw blades for a lot of the cutting that went faster

BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
Kevin Sellers (Redding, CA)
BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade

Amazing blade, cut 65 feet of 5 layer composition roofing with ease.👍👍

Top Notch Cutting Tool for our need

Worked like a charm to cut up and demolish the roof of an old house that otherwise would have required a lot of physical leveraging to pull apart. We used both the 3-T blade and this the 5-T Demolition Blade. The 5-T is superior. Glad it exists, would definitely recommend.

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
David Womer (Burlington, NC)
Worked great !

I'm remodeling my older house and put on a small addition that is tied into the main house. The original owner reroofed the house at one point without removing the first roof, so I have to remove two layers of roof. My utility knife wasn't doing the job to cut away the shingles where the new roof interested the house roof. I got this blade and it made a very clean cut through both layers of roof giving me exactly what I needed.

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Brad Ramsey (Louisville, KY)
All good!!!!

All good!!!

BigBlue™ 3T Roofing Demolition Blade
Ryan McBee (Poplar Grove, IL)
BigBlue 3T Blade

I had to cut through a built-up asphalt Flat Roof.
I was a little skeptical at first ordering a blade with only 3 Teeth on the whole blade, but this did the job!!
I had to demo out a good 1 1/2" thick roof, and it cut right through it.
The circular saw gets very dirty though (which is to be expected), so be ready for that.
Love this Blade!!

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Steve (Sacramento, CA)
Works as advertised

BigBlue did exactly what it said...cuts through anything like butter. The channel it cuts is so wide, the blade never pinches. The amount of saw dust it produces is huge. Far better than other "demolition" blades I tried.

They stand behind their product!

BigBlue™ Starter Pack
Renie Agsalda (Wahiawa, HI)

BigBlue™ Starter Pack

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
Robert Fitzgerald (Waialua, HI)
Saved me a lot of money

Did a 1800sf 50 year old roof 6 layers thick
1 day by 2 and it will be faster

BigBlue™ 5T Demolition Blade
JBS (Burlington, IA)
Big Blue

Excellant time saver. 3 layers of asphalt shingles and layer of wood shakes. Sliced them like butter and still cutting.