RipCart™ is a demolition tool that allows you to make long cuts without hunching or crawling. Just set the blade depth and push RipCart to make long cuts quickly, safely, and easily.

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Stand Up To Cutting.

Makes long cuts as easy as pushing a lawn mower.

Control Blade Depth

Adjust the depth guide to one of the four predetermined settings which include one, two, or three layer, or the entire roof deck. Use the fine adjustment for more precise changes to blade depth.

Many Applications

The small wheels stabilize RipCart™ for a wide variety of cuts. This comes in handy for cutting ridge vent openings and for cutting back overlaid shingles on hips and ridges.

Use Any Circular Saw

RipCart™ accepts most popular brands of contractor grade circular saws. Use the ratchet strap and saw table lock to secure the circular saw to the RipCart™ mount base.

Easy Transportation & Storage

A collapsable handle quickly converts into storage position. At approximately 40lbs with a circular saw, RipCart™ is light and easy to maneuver.

RipCart Wheel Lock
Wheel Lock

The wheels are always locked unless the wheel lock handle is engaged.

Power Switch that controls power to the saw
Power Management

Turn the saw on or off with ease using the power button located on the handle.

Get demo done. Wherever you work.

Commercial Roofing
  • Cutting in curbs
  • Cutting under air units
  • Cutting out old gravel stop
  • Small areas of Tar & Gravel
Residential Roofing
  • Cutting ridge vent openings
  • Roof Deck Demolition
  • Cutting through two or three layers of shingles and nails in one pass
  • For total roof demolition including plywood and shingles
  • For cutting through ice shield
  • Cutting small flat roof tear off
  • Cutting through shingles, ice shield and nails
And More!
  • Wood floor tear outs
  • Plywood
  • Removing old decking

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We understand skepticism. We have been burned by products that don't live up to their claims too. That is why our products come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Huston (Macomb, IL)
Good concept

Worked great until the switch burned up. Had a random parts fall off during use but made repairs with local hardware parts. Overall though it made the job of tearing up flooring way easier

Wayne Short (Calgary, AB)
Roofer cutter

Great addition to the job at hand, cuts work time in half

Zaheer Hirani (Oakville, ON)
Really handy tool

It is a really handy tool. Saves us a lot of money in labor to get things done in time. Especially the rip. There is a little vibration at times but overall it works great

Joe La Ricci (Baltimore, MD)

Second one I bought
On & off switch brakes every time
On both machines & always looses nuts & ajustment rod stripes
Note : once again both machines broke down on me

I am sorry to hear about your experience with RipCart. We'll reach out asap so we can understand and rectify the problems you ran into. Then we will ship out two new on & off switches and a new a new adjustment rod to get both of your RipCarts working well again.

George ryner (Brooklyn, NY)

RipCart™ Demolition Cutter

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