BigBlue™ Demolition Blade

Demo Saw Blade for Circular Saws & Worm Drive Saws

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade cuts through the harshest materials without clogging, chipping, or warping.

BigBlue Demo Blades 3T & 5T

Durable By Design

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade is the most durable 7-1/4 inch blade because of its' massive carbide teeth and extra thick steel body. It's large gullets eliminate clogging and increase blade life.

Extreme Strength for Demolition Cuts

Massive carbide teeth cut through tough materials without chipping or dulling. The extra thick steel body will not warp or crack.

Massive Carbide Teeth
BigBlue Demolition Blade large carbide teeth compared to other demo blades

Extra-wide Kerf Circular Saw Blade

At just under 1/4 inch, BigBlue™ has the widest kerf available on a 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade.

No-Clog Design

Gullets this large never clog... ever. Open space reduces friction and keeps the blade spinning fast. This empowers circular saws and worm drive saws to cut tough construction materials not possible with other blades.

BigBlue Demo Blade with large gulluts keep the blade from clogging

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade is ideal for...

See how people are using BigBlue™ Demolition Blade to cut materials they never thought possible with a circular saw.

Commercial Roofing

  • Cutting in curbs
  • Cutting under air units
  • Cutting tight hard to reach areas
  • Cutting out old gravel stop
  • When a commercial cutter won't fit
  • When an axe is too slow

Residential Roofing

  • Cutting through two or three layers of shingles and nails in one pass
  • For total roof demolition including plywood and shingles
  • For cutting through ice shield
  • For cutting up small flat roofs

Insurance Repair & Remodeling

  • Cutting through Shingles, Ice Shield & Nails
  • Plywood
  • Plaster & Lathe
  • Tar & Gravel

Don't take our word for it...

See what others have said after using BigBlue™ Demolition Blade.

Mark H. Smith, MNV Holdings LLC

We were amazed at the performance of BigBlue™ demo blade as it never slowed down, never gummed up, and didn't even notice nails. Cutting speed was faster than anticipated. I will definitely keep BigBlue™ demo blades in my arsenal going forward and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Tony Montgomery Tony Montgomery, Montgomery & Sons – Orion, Michigan

“BigBlue™ 3T worked better than any blade we have ever used for demolition. It took 10 Marathon blades to do the work of one BigBlue™ and BigBlue™ is still going strong.”

Mark Espeseth, Woodruff, WI

I am flipping an old house that has several layers of sub floor. Everything from rough cut to plywood to asphalt. I was at my ends wit trying to find a way to cut through it without buying numerous blades. The BigBlue™ not only cut through it but, it was fast! Best thing I have ever used, I was cutting through at least 1 1/4 inches of wood, nails and asphalt and it cut as fast as I could push the saw. Awesome product, very grateful to have found this blade. I would strongly recommend it.

Underhill Vermont Michael Diffenderffer, Homeowner – Underhill, Vermont

“The BigBlue™ 5T cut through nails and all like butter. What took an entire day with a Diablo Demo Demon only took two hours with the BigBlue™ 5T.”

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  • What is the difference between the 3T and 5T?

    BigBlue™ 3T is great for roofing demolition. It is better for cutting the thickest materials that tend to gum up. It will cut tar and gravel, multi-layer shingles & nails, cap sheet, ice shield, galvanized metal, and much more!

    BigBlue™ 5T is great for general demolition. It is better for cutting a combination of materials. It will cut through multi-layer shingles and nails with wood roof deck, plaster and lath, wire mesh, many flooring materials, cap sheet, ice shield, decking (to create larger gaps between boards), galvanized metal and much more!

  • Does BigBlue™ Demolition Blade clog?

    Absolutely not! BigBlue™ Demolition Blade is designed with oversized gulluts that eliminate clogging and keep the blade cool and spinning at maximum revolutions.

  • Does BigBlue™ Demolition Blade fit into a worm drive/worm gear saw?

    Yes! BigBlue™ Demolition Blade comes with a diamond armature twist for use in worm drive saws.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee - 100%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand your skepticism. We have been burned by products that don't live up to their claims too. That is why BigBlue™ Demolition Blade comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

BigBlue™ Demolition Blade

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